Thai sex — tourism

Here we want to talk to you about one of the most extreme forms of travel — thai sex tourism. What to expect from this trip?

Thai sex tourism is perhaps one of the most extreme forms of travel, but the number of his fans continues to grow. How is it so attractive? Probably, for you will not be a great discovery if we say that sex is loved by all, and some countries even to build it into a cult, thus forming an enviable tourist program for its guests. Among them first place on the right can be given to Thailand, because he is known around the world as the capital of sex tourism. Of course, this informal name, but it is known throughout the world.

Thai sex — destination for tourists who like to take risks, give the maximum amount of fun. The fact that the specifics of this area is the fact that you are not in every case be able to distinguish a girl from «Kato» (transsexual), so always be, as they say, the alert . It is worth paying attention to the presence of not only the penis, which is very well disguised, but also on the Adam’s apple. That’s just the latest feature and can not be hidden, so that it is decisive.

However, what is so attractive thai sex tourism? Well, firstly, this is a great opportunity to brighten up his drab existence and get bright emotions. Do not think that this kind of vacation is something shameful, because nowadays people want, and most importantly, can try anything, and yet he was not convicted. Anyway, just to listen to at least one story of the happy holiday tourists format to understand everything.

If you are looking for thai sex services, we advise you not to look for happiness in the street, even though it will cost much cheaper, and immediately go to the «specialized agencies» — go-go bars. It works really pretty girls, which is quite difficult to call prostitutes. For this reason, just referred to as «carrots» that made not only in Russia but also in CIS countries.

The main cities are thai sex tourism Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok. The capital services of such a format is Pattaya, as there is the bulk of such institutions. Walking street — the main street, where there are key places your trip. At the same time, we should not forget that many places are closed in nature and therefore learn more about them can only be the locals or taxi drivers.

If you like a girl and you decide to take her out of the bar, you will need to pay a «bar-fine», which consists in introducing a certain amount of «shortening of the working day the girl.» This amount is calculated not an hour away from home, and at one time. In other words, once you’re done, the girl certainly will go back to the bar, because they stay overnight just not profitable.

And, of course, never forget about personal protection and safety measures, moreover we are talking not only about contraceptives. Do not leave unattended a wine glass, bottle, wallet and valuables to clever girl’s fingers did not cause you harm.